Learning for Life in World Society

ASPnet-Coordinators: A. Reese, K. Fischer, A. Weiß, C. Tuschy

Human rights, sustainable development and a fair distribution of wealth between rich and poor are on the curriculum of the UNESCO Associated Schools. 

"Learning to live together in a pluralistic world of cultural diversity" – this is the overarching learning objective of the UNESCO Associated Schools.  

UNESCO Associated Schools stand up for a culture of peace, for the protection of the environment, for sustainable development and for a fairer distribution of wealth between rich and poor. School life is organised to facilitate intercultural learning. 

There are 180 UNESCO Associated Schools in Germany, and 7,800 schools in more than 170 countries are members of the international network. UNESCO Associated Schools hold encounters, joint projects, partnerships and exchange projects with schools in other countries. Around 15,000 pupils from 60 countries take part in the joint projects with German schools every year.