This year's English Reading Contest took place on 30th May 2017. The contest started at 11:30 am.

The candidates were Jule (7a), Sofia (7b), Shari (7c), Milo (7d) and Anne (7f).Every candidate was supported by one to three students from their class. The jury consisted of Mrs Steinert (English teacher) and Christian Zochowski, Lilian Jöster and Luka Minkus from year 11. They were assisted by the second-place finishers from year 7 Aaron Ohlef (7a), Roman Block (7b), Anna Gliem (7c), Nadja Seukevich (7d), Jana Kirschke (7f).

In the beginning, Mrs Lieberknecht and Mrs Schlegel welcomed everybody to the contest. Then the candidates read their own text, which they had prepared at home. In the second round they had to read an unknown text. Everyone had to read a part of the story "The Witch Who Got into Trouble at School" by Hugh Fraser. The text was difficult, but everyone mastered it well. All the candidates read very well, but only one person can win.

After the second round the candidates and supporters had a break of ten minutes. Meanwhile, the jury had to choose a winner; it was a tough decision. After the break the jury announced the winner of this year's Reading Contest. It is Jule Bömer from 7a. She could choose two books. Then the second- and third-place finishers could choose a book as well.


By Silja, Pia, Sophie (7c)