The HG English Reading Contest

On Thursday, 24th April, our Year 7 English reading contest took place.

The best readers of our classes presented one English text they have chosen themselves and one text they didn’t know. Our contestants were Lea Wucherpfennig (7a), Ella Pieper (7b), Helene Bargheer (7c), Levke Hofsommer (7d) and Hedie Thöniß (7f).

First Mrs Seinsche and Mr Calò, who had organised the contest, told us a bit about the procedure. After that we listened to different texts. One about a dog, one about a cat, another about a thief. There even was an excerpt from Harry Potter.

In the second round the students read one page from The Jungle Book. The audience was getting more and more curious while the jury members (Antonia Wettschereck and Henrik Larsen, who are advanced Year 11 pupils; and the English teachers Mrs Kienapfel and Mr Keding) were making and announcing their decision.

Congratulations to Hedie Thöniß (7f), who came in third, Levke Hofsommer (7d), who was awarded second place, and the winner of this year’s reading contest: Helene Bargheer (7c)! Helene is going to represent our school in the Göttingen Reading Contest on 4th June at the OHG.

I want to thank the jury, the readers and of course Mrs Seinsche and Mr Calò for hosting the contest.

Text: Dorit Ordowski, 7a

Photos: Yara Bielke, 7a