English Club

Wir fördern sprachbegabte Schülerinnen und Schüler.

In einer Kleingruppe lesen wir Lektüren, probieren Rollenspiele und Sketche aus. Wir sprechen Englisch und lernen uns auszudrücken. Darüberhinaus schauen wir uns Filme an und haben Spaß mit Wortspielen. So wird der Englischunterricht in den Bereichen reading, writing, listening, speaking, durch eine kontinuierliche Wortschatzerweiterung und nicht zuletzt die Schulung der „viewing activities“ ergänzt.

Der English Club Klasse 5/6 findet wöchentlich statt und wird von Frau Steinert betreut.

Zu diesem Kurs wird man eingeladen. Wer darüber hinaus Interesse hat, setze sich mit Frau Steinert in Verbindung.

Our English Club

In our English Club are eight members. Every Thursday we meet with Mrs. Steinert, and then we speak only English. We sometimes play English puzzle games, read and learn roles in role plays and we’ll read some short stories. We are going to write our own role plays and watch English movies.

On Thursday, 18th October, we had interesting visitors. Lynn and Perry from California were our guests. They came to Göttingen to visit the family of their former ‘au-pair-girl’,  Mrs. Böttger, Carolin’s mother.  Carolin’s mum had baked delicious biscuits, so-called “Amerikaner”.

Lynn and Perry told us a lot about their country and showed us many wonderful pictures. We had a lively talk. We told them something about us too, and asked our guests lots of questions.

It was a special English Club meeting.

After the autumn holidays Carolin gave everybody  a real American coin  as a present from Lynn and Perry.  Then we sang the song “California Dreaming” …

Miri  Marta, 6a /  Anna,  Jan. Lara, Swaantje, 6c /  Carolin, Mimi , 6f , 
November 2012

Late Again

The English Club /  class 5 ,  2013/14

On the Open Day in May  our club performed a  play called „Late Again.“

This play is about a boy who does not want to go to school one day. He tells his parents that he feels ill, so a doctor comes to see him. But finally Bill, the boy , says, he does not want an operation,so he leaves the house to go to school, but he walks slowly. First he goes to a supermarket. There he meets his friend Sam.  Suddenly robbers enter the shop …..

A lot of very exciting things happen ….

There are robbers, policemen, white mice, schoolchildren, teachers….

Well, Bill and Sam are  late again when they come to school that day !

It was great fun to learn the roles and play the theatre play !  16 pupils of all the classes 5 are in the English Club.

This is what we learn and do in an English Club at HG Junior ,

We play English games, sing songs, also rock songs from the radio, we do puzzles and riddles, we read plays in different roles, each pupils reads a book and presents it, we  watch an English film, we talk about customs in Britain or in the USA .

M. Steinert