Teacher Training International Conference in Malaysia

45 Educators representing schools and educational institutes in 14 countries have gathered for this International Teacher Training conference in Malaysia 21- 26 November 2010.

The five days conference set up goals were achieved, including the following activities and results: 

  • Teacher Training workshops discussed how to include at schools a recently launched schools Earth Care Campaign 2010-2014. (www.earthcare.life-link.org)
  • Each delegation presented in plenary sessions their school's ESD curriculum.
  • Practical pedagogic demonstrations were performed in Malaysian fieldtrips, on how to educate on Biology, Water quality monitoring, Tree planting, Education for Sustainable Development, and Education for Sustainable Life-Style.
  • A social and cultural program included: *Opening ceremony and program, attended by representatives from Malaysian institutes, Embassies, enterprises. *Multi-Cultural rich evening when delegations presented a variety of cultural traditions *Malaysian history, culture, nature and food experiences *Closing ceremony
  • The conference delegates formulated concrete plans for a wider youth and schools international Life-Link ESD and Tree planting-focused conference in Malaysia 2011. The conference was performed in a spirit of RRR Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.
  • Last but not least the conference offered a wonderful venue for delegates’ informal consultations strengthening an Earth Care Campaign cross-border teambuilding.