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Das Hainberg-Gymnasium wurde 1866 gegründet. Etwa 1.200 Schüler:innen (davon ca. 300 in den Klassen 5 und 6 in der Außenstelle HG Junior) werden von ca. 130 Lehrkräften unterrichtet.

Ab Jahrgang 6 bieten wir Französisch, Spanisch, Latein und seit 2012 auch Chinesisch als 2. Fremdsprache an.

Das Hainberg-Gymnasium gehört seit 1993 zum weltweiten Schulnetzwerk der UNESCO mit ca. 10.000 Schulen, davon 300 in Deutschland und 28 in Niedersachsen. Themen wie Menschenrechte, Umweltschutz und Toleranz werden im Unterricht behandelt und in Form von Projektarbeit vermittelt. Die Mitglieder dieses Netzwerkes verpflichten sich dem übergeordneten Bildungsziel der UNESCO:

Zusammenleben lernen in einer pluralistischen Welt in kultureller Vielfalt.

Lesung von Jenny Valentine: A girl called Joy für die Jahrgänge 7-9

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On the 23th September Jenny Valentine visited our school and read from her latest book, “A girl called Joy“. The Welsh author was born 1970 in Cambridge, England. With 32 years, she began writing books for kids and teenagers and her debut novel, ”Finding Violet Park“, won the famous „Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize“.

”A girl called Joy“ was published in April 2021. It’s about a wonderful optimistic girl who spent the first ten years of her lifetime travelling around the globe with her parents and elder sister. She saw a lot of sights all around the world, met people from different places and cultures and had a lot of fun. She also couldn’t imagine any other life, until they had to stop travelling and settled down at her grandpa’s. Now she’s confronted with a lot of things she wasn’t before, like school (which she has only visited online up to that point), mean teachers and the search for real friends. But even if there are a lot of difficulties, she manages her everyday life while using her superpower of finding silver linings in the sky and her unclouded optimism.

The reading actually came across because Jenny Valentine currently was in Germany and well, we have not had any readings at the HG for a long time. Even if the reading wasn’t really for our age group (Valentine later said it was written for children aged ten or eleven), it was the eighth- and ninth formers who met at the assembly hall for the first and second lesson on Friday. I think everyone was kind of excited, after all it was a special event. I also asked for expectations, and the answer was ”I think it’ll be fun!“.

Jenny Valentine didn’t come alone. There was another woman, maybe a manager and a woman from the “Literarischen Zentrum“, who organized the reading. The author seemed a little stressed, which was understandable, because she had a very full timetable. And then the actually reading finally started!

At first, we saw parts of a Power Point Presentation for getting a feeling for the book. The author showed us pictures of her other books and told us about her life as a writer. Also we saw some famous places which Joy had visited, like the Colosseum in Rome and Machu Picchu in Peru. She told us that Joy’s life was always full of magic, because the world just is magical. But she also wanted some kind of magic in her book which we all can have – so she wrote about friendship and that this thing called magic is something we can find everywhere, because it’s up to us to find magic in our lives. That Joy had to stop travelling was her metaphor for corona and homeschooling in real life.

The presentation was very funny and well done. After showing us the first part, she read a part from her book, in which Joy thinks of the second name of her grandpa. It was very funny and also not very hard to understand, which was very encouraging for us. I’m not sure whether we would have understood everything if she had had read from a book for adults, but here it was quite easy to understand the plot.

The part after the actual reading was a question session. This one was very important to Jenny Valentine, and we had prepared a lot of questions to ask her. And we really learned a lot in this session! For example, she studied English Literature, which nearly put her off. Valentine has no favorite author, because she thinks it’s too hard to decide, also she can’t write love stories. She wanted to write since the age of nine, when books were her favorite refuge from reality. And she doesn’t like potato salad.

One question asked by a student was what her advice for young writers was. She said “Just get started and read a lot!”. She added that it would important to be authentic.

All in all, the reading was a great experience and we’re all looking forward to visit another one soon! :)


Articleby Lena (text) and Finia (pictures), 9fk